UV Club

Welcome to the UV club. The purpose of this club is to discuss the current landscape of UV missions and prospectives for the future.

To this end, S. R. Kulkarni is arranging a series of talks followed by discussions. Each talk will last an hour and there will be 30 minutes for Q&A. The lecturer will be requested to spend half the time on pedagogy and the other half on the latest findings or advances.

Ilaria Caiazzo (ilariac@caltech.edu) and Jan van Roestel (jvanroes@caltech.edu) will function as secretaries for this club, please email either of them if you’d like to be added to the mailing list.

A nice summary of everything UV can be found here:  https://rwoconne.github.io/rwoclass/astr511/UV-astron-f03.html (website by Robert O’Connell, suggested by Jayant Murthy and Boris Shustov). 

Upcoming Talks

  • J. Michael Shull, University of Colorado Boulder. Cosmic Origin Spectrograph: Missing Baryons & Reionization, Tuesday June 15, 8 am PDT.
  • Boris Shustov, Science director of the Institute of Astronomy of Moscow. Spectr-UFFriday June 25, 8 am PDT.
  • Roger Smith, Caltech. Introduction to CCDs and CMOS readoutWednesday June 30, 8 pm PDT.
  • Brad Cenko, NASA Goddard. DoradoWednesday July 7, 8 am PDT.
  • Yoichi Yatsu, Tokyo Institute of Technology. Hibari, Tuesday July 13, 8 am PDT.
  • Patrick Côté, University of  Victoria. CASTORWednesday July 21, 8 am PDT
  • Shouleh Nikzad, JPL. Improving sensitivity for UV observations, Wednesday July 28, 8 pm PDT.
  • Shyam Narayan Tandon, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru. Observing in UVWednesday August 4, 8 am PDT

Past Talks